Solomons students share their love for Jesus

Students took the Sabbath worship program.

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Students from Kukudu Adventist College (Solomon Islands) recently conducted worship services and outreach activities on the island of Kolombangara.

The students were transported by mission boat over two weekends. The first group covered six major churches from Kuzi Village to Jack Harbour, including Boboe Village in Roviana district. The second group headed north: they started from Titiana and went as far as Poitete.

The school chaplain planned the outreach theme and spent a week preparing the students to preach during the program. The students took Friday vespers, Sabbath school, the divine service and the Adventist Youth program. Others ran social activities on the Saturday night for the villagers, while on the Sunday morning all students were involved in total member involvement activities before being picked up by the mission boat.

“This is my first experience and I am blessed as much as the village people are blessed,” said a Form 4 student. One of the villagers in North Kolombangara said he was so thankful for the college staff and students for visiting them.

Principal Ferol Asa said, “I am so happy to hear of the positive feedback from our churches around Kolombangara and I am hoping that this will be an annual event where students will be engaged in reaching out to others.”

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