It Is Written evangelism training inspires Auckland churches

Attendees gathered at Brentwood Seventh-day Adventist Church for SALT 2019.

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More than 130 people took part in soul-winning and leadership training (SALT) this past week at Brentwood Seventh-day Adventist Church in Auckland, New Zealand.

Elders, personal ministries teams, youth groups and pastors from at least 10 churches came together for the week-long program, which concluded on Sabbath (July 27). Participants enjoyed the training by It Is Written School of Evangelism director Pastor Douglas Na’a, with New Zealand Pacific Union Conference ministerial director Pastor Jean Noel Adeline and regional pastor Clifton Glasgow also helping to run training workshops.

“Our people really want to participate in mission,” said Pastor Glasgow. “Some of the members have actually dragged their pastors along! It’s opened up a way for our young people to be strategic and intentional in how they’re reaching others for Christ. One thing that really struck a chord with them was the Biblical case for standing for their faith.”

Lance Pirini, who recently started attending the Adventist Church again after many years away, said he “learned that God’s work done God’s way produces God’s results”.

“Pastor Douglas opened my eyes to many things like seeing from the Bible that there are many gifts of ministry in the church,” he added. “Some may not be able to give Bible studies but might have the gift of hospitality and make you feel welcome. Others may not be able to preach sermons but might be blessed with a gift in praying, interceding on behalf of the people. The glory is that one is not greater than the other.”

Another attendee, Karen Daniels, had a different takeaway. “Be prepared to come out of your comfort zone to influence others,” she said.

Pastor Glasgow stressed there is a “strong desire for all the churches in Auckland to unite and work together”.

“The leaders who attended are planning on forming a group and trying to map out what we’re going to do with what we’ve learned. We want to implement the garden of evangelism—sowing, reaping, cultivating and harvesting. We want to really impact Auckland for the better.”

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