Prophetica 2019 comes to Hobart

L-R: Pastors Lyle Southwell, Justin Lawman, Robbie Berghan and Gary Webster.

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More than 250 people attended Prophetica 2019—a one-day series of 10 “TED Talk” styled 20-minute prophecy presentations held at the Hobart Grand Chancellor Hotel on May 19. An additional group of more than 100 watched the event via livestream.

Four presenters, Canberra National Church pastor Justin Lawman, Faith FM morning show host Pastor Lyle Southwell, Devonport Church (Tasmania) pastor Robbie Berghan, and Tasmanian Conference president Pastor Gary Webster, all gave high-powered presentations, covering a range of topics such as “How Archaeology Proves the Bible”, “Brexit and a Babylonian Prophecy”, “The Antichrist”, “Signs the End is Near”, “Chinese Predictions about the Holy Man” and a number of others.

A crowd of 250 people packed the venue.

“I can’t believe I’ve never heard this before!” one attendee told Pastor Berghan in response to a presentation given on the dream of Nebuchadnezzar.

“Attendees expressed much appreciation for the event, which was held to show people, via prophecy, that there really is a God, and that He not only cares for us, but He knows the future, and wants to be a part of our future,” said Pastor Berghan.

The event was supported by a wonderful team of volunteers, including the University of Tasmania ASOC students who helped make the event a success.

“Where can I get more information on these topics?” asked one attendee named Donna.

As a result of Prophetica 2019, 85 people have registered to attend the follow up group seminar “Secrets of Prophecy” which is being held in three locations around the city from June to August this year.

“Prophetica 2019 was a wonderful success, and the Tasmanian Conference is now looking forward to taking it to other parts of the state next year,” said Pastor Berghan.

To watch videos of the Prophetica 2019 presentations visit the church’s new on demand platform

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