SPD leading the Church in helping ‘the least of these’

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Church leaders from the South Pacific are making a global impact through the third quarter’s Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, which challenges readers to respond to injustice, oppression and suffering by highlighting the Bible’s call to “do justice”.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) International CEO Jonathan Duffy, from Australia, is the official author of the Sabbath School quarterly, while author and Signs Publishing book editor Nathan Brown has written the accompanying book, For The Least of These. The book focuses on what faith has to offer in terms of “living and loving well, acting meaningfully and sharing hope.”

Mr Brown said the collaboration with himself, Mr Duffy and the ADRA team has been ongoing since 2011, and that the prolonged process was helpful when it came to writing the book.

“I had quite a few years of extra reading, learning and experiences to draw on when exploring some of these same themes again,” he said.

A number of additional resources have been developed to assist church members in their reading and exploration of the Sabbath School Bible Study Guide.

ADRA South Pacific has developed a video series that highlights the community work taking place in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the South Pacific. Visit www.vimeo.com/showcase/6087950 to watch and download the videos.

Mr Brown also had the opportunity to travel to Andrews University (USA) to co-host a podcast on the quarter’s topics. Each podcast features guests such as Australian author and artist Jo Darby, writer and Avondale College of Higher Education public relations officer Brenton Stacey, and numerous Andrews University scholars. The episodes will be released weekly as part of a special series on the Adventist Peace Radio podcast, which can be accessed via iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.

This quarter’s 13th Sabbath offering will go towards South Pacific Division projects. Visit our website every Sabbath (beginning June 29) for a new Mission Spotlight video that highlights an inspiring story from South Pacific*.

* Some weeks will feature stories from outside the South Pacific.
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