Literature evangelist partners with church plant

Pastor Abby and LE team.

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Partnering with a team of literature evangelists has proved beneficial for a church plant in Western Australia.

“We’ve been working with literature evangelists (LEs) for a couple of years now,” says Pastor Abby Aviles from Hope Spring Fellowship, an Adventist church plant in Kwinana. “I find their work inspiring. They are bringing the kingdom of God to people’s doorsteps.”

For the past couple of years, literature evangelists have assisted Pastor Aviles with prayer meetings, doorknocking and three outreach campaigns in the Kwinana area. When the LEs met contacts through doorknocking, they would pass them on to Pastor Aviles so that the church plant could follow up on them.

Literature evangelist Clint Hollingsworth introduced Pastor Aviles to one such contact. Her name was Anna. She was a former Adventist and a single mum of five children. [pullquote]

“I first visited her with my associate pastor and his wife,” said Pastor Aviles. “We started developing a relationship with her. We would cook food for them and bring it to their place —it’s something we still do now.”

Thankful for their friendship, Anna introduced Pastor Aviles to her mother, also a former Adventist. In turn, her mother introduced him to her partner, her grandson and another daughter with two children. As a result, one Sabbath, they all came and attended the church service.

“Following up on one contact led twelve people to come to church,” said Pastor Aviles. “We should never underestimate the importance of friendship evangelism and following up on contacts.”

“It’s exciting to see what can be achieved when local churches and literature evangelists partner together,” said Brenton Lowe, coordinator of literature ministries in Australia and New Zealand. “It’s a great opportunity to work together and reach more people for Jesus.”

If your local church would like to partner with literature evangelists in Australia or New Zealand, please contact Brenton Lowe:

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