ADRA partners with EU to fight Fiji drought

Kamni Narayan (EU Project manager) and Iliapi Tuwai (ADRA Fiji country director) handing over the Agricultural Kits to Mr Vijay Chand.

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ADRA Fiji has partnered with the European Union to help combat the drought crisis in Fiji.

European Union Officials together with ADRA Fiji officers visited the Fiji Pro Resilience Project sites on March 19 and 20. The initiative has been designed to help address the impact of drought on rural communities in Fiji and the visit was made to observe the progress the project has made in the communities.

The field visit also included a handover of agricultural kits, an irrigation system and water tanks to the communities in Macuata and also in the western part of Vitilevu, the main island of Fiji.

The official handover from the EU in partnership with ADRA will enable the communities in the rural areas to cope and become more resilient to future El Niño events.

“Small-scale farmers in rural areas are impacted by extreme weather events,” said Kamni Narayan, project manager for the Pro Resilience Project, who spoke at the handover. “Therefore, the European Union is investing in building resilience so that communities are better prepared, and is proud to be heading such project team.”

“The EU has financed the project, ADRA is implementing the project and the onus is [now on] the individuals to help us be resilient to drought,” said Aminiasi Niumaitaiwalu, Seaqaqa district officer, who also spoke at the handover. “The Government is happy to be closely working together with the EU and ADRA in ensuring that the people of Macuata are well equipped for the dry season.”

“Ba and Macuata communities are thankful for the assistance, the training and the agriculture equipment,” said Mesake Dakua, ADRA Fiji’s communication officer. “They are well equipped and better prepared for the dry season ahead of them.”

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