A good recipe for sharing faith

Members of the Discovery Bible Reading group.

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A Papua New Guinean youth leader says there are two important ingredients for sharing faith: one is food; the other is the Discovery Bible Reading program.

Sepik Mission youth leader Pastor Misikaram Guguna said disciple-making and Discovery Bible Reading (DBR) are key focus areas of his ministry.

In June he and his wife Pamela started a small DBR group with their babysitter Gloria. A month later Aries Mateson and his wife Dalen joined the group. Then in August Pamela started inviting a young husband and wife, Junior and Debora Silvester, to their home on a weekly basis for dinner. They have now become part of the group and Mr Silvester asked that his parents be introduced to DBR.

At the recent baptism of Aries and Dalen Mateson.

“We decided that instead of doing Bible Discovery with his parents on the first contact, we must cook some dinner and eat with his parents,” Pastor Guguna said.

“His parents were delighted [with the hospitality] and asked us to give them Bible study though DBR. His father is the chief of the village.”

Recently, Pastor Guguna had the joy of baptising one of the couples: the Matesons. “It’s a joyous feeling when you baptise your own Discovery Bible Reading Group member,” he said.

“Please help pray for us here as we take movement building and Discovery Bible Reading into a new reality.”

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