Staff at the SPD

The SPD office at Wahroonga is one of the buildings to receive a valuation.

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The South Pacific Division (SPD) employs about 120 people in Wahroonga, but what do they all do?

The SPD’s main function is to support the unions and institutions. There are four officers with six support staff who provide ministry, governance, property and financial advice. The Discipleship Ministries Team has eight members and five support staff. There are five other departmental leaders with four support staff. These people deliver on the key ministry strategies around discipleship, health, mission to the cities and some media.

The 11 people in the treasury team pay staff, sustentation and bills, and provide financial statements. People Services, with nine staff, cares for human resources, expatriate missionaries, volunteers, work safety, compliance and leadership/staff development. The SPD’s investment service for all Church entities has four staff. Corporate Services has two leaders and one support person to care for constitutional and regulatory matters. There is an archivist, a receptionist, cleaners, maintenance and garden staff.

The SPD also offers services that support other levels of the Church—paid for by the using entity. Risk Management Services cares for insurance matters and has nine staff. Adventist Church Technology Service runs IT for the whole division and has 21 staff in Wahroonga. AdSAFE has 10 staff who have a direct impact on matters of child safety. ACA Health has 13 staff operating the Church’s own health insurance service. These services are centralised so other Church entities don’t have to duplicate the service. General Conference auditors and ADRA Australia have 28 staff.

When I first came to the SPD I was amazed at how many staff we had—and surprised by the diverse work that is done. Each staff member has a significant place in God’s service and supports the front-line work of disciple making.

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