Free breakfast for Fijian students

Members of the Dorcas Club serve breakfast to the students.

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More than 180 students and 15 teachers from Tavua District Secondary School (Fiji) were  surprised recently with a free breakfast by the Natogo Adventist Church’s Dorcas Club.

Seven women from the club prepared a nutritious breakfast of peanut butter and honey sandwiches on wholemeal bread, served with bananas, oranges, apples and fruit juice. They also practised good hygiene by wearing gloves and caps while serving breakfast to the teachers and students.

The delicious breakfast.

“We thought of the students who live far away and have to travel to school early without having a proper breakfast or any at all,” said Salanieta Sivo, Dorcas Club leader. “That’s why we did it.”

“We would also like students and teachers to know that it is important to eat healthy food and that a proper diet will improve their academic performance,” said Lavenia Fiu, a Dorcas Club member.

Dorcas Club members with school staff.

As all the Dorcas Club members are unemployed, the breakfast was planned well in advance. All plastic cups, plates, tissues and other items were bought slowly over a period of time so that on the day of the breakfast, they would not be burdened with the overall cost. However, the gratitude of the students and teachers made the worthy project a success.

“The principal was so excited about this program, and said he wished it could be done every Thursday,” said Akanisi Tikinamasei, the Assistant Dorcas Leader.

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