The seven T’s of generous living

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I’ve spent much of the last few years traveling the globe sharing on the Biblical principles of generous living, and the impact of money on our spirituality.1 I started my journey with “The Three T’s of Stewardship”—Time, Talents and Treasure—and have since identified a fourth, fifth and sixth T.

While sharing in the mountains of Arizona a few weeks ago, a conversation with some of the local Apache and Navajo people opened my eyes to the seventh T, so now I have the complete set!

We are to live generously with our:

1. Time

The present that is evenly given to everyone every day.

2. Talents

Gifts and skills that bring joy and satisfaction.

3. Treasure

Our material blessings to enjoy and share.

4. Testimony

Our personal story of God’s presence in our life.

5. Temple

Our body that God has trusted us to care for.

6. Territory

The environment, including our own backyard.

7. Tribe

Our family, friends and global community.

These T’s are all things that God entrusts to us to be used carefully, prayerfully and for His glory. Paul said it beautifully, “whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”2

Live generously in all seven areas of your life.

Julian Archer is the founder of Faith
 vs Finance—a global ministry working with Christians who seek to maintain a vibrant relationship with Jesus amidst the pressures of materialism and self-centred lifestyles.

1. I again give my sincere thanks to you all for the privilege you have so generously given me to serve God and each of you in this way. 2. 1 Corinthians 10:31, italics added.
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