Small group ministry has big impact in PNG

For some, it was the first time they had owned a Bible.

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Members of Kamba Seventh-day Adventist Church in Madang Manus Mission (Papua New Guinea) have been reaching out to their community through small group ministry.

They were inspired by a visit from Dr Peter Roennfeldt, who introduced them to the Bible Discovery Reading method earlier this year, with follow-up training provided by Mission president Pastor Garry Laukei.

Following the training, Kamba’s 70 church members divided into six small groups and began reaching out to the people in their village, where the dominant religion is Lutheran.

“The groups began the Bible discovery with the book of John and many new things have been discovered by the new interests, and commitment has been made for continuous Bible discovery,” said Kamba church leader Selve Warel.

“Many doors have been open to the small groups and Bible discovery is becoming interesting and enjoyable as new things are discovered every time they meet.”

Selve Warel with the Bibles ready to be distributed.

On July 29, the church held a special gathering during which 16 Bibles were distributed to new contacts from the village.

“They were happy to receive the Bibles because to some of them, this would be the first time to own a Bible, while to others the Bible is an expensive book to purchase and this was a blessing to receive a free Bible to study God’s Word,” Mr Warel said.

During the event, Pastor Laukei explained to those receiving the Bibles that, “The Bible is not a bait to hook you to become an Adventist . . . we want to study with you and to help you discover the Bible truths so that you can make the right decision to follow the right church that teaches the truth.”

Afterwards, the people enjoyed fellowship and food organised by the ladies of Kamba church.

A reception was held after the service.
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