Calvary to Pentecost published in Urdu

Printed copies of Calvary to Pentecost in Urdu.

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An Urdu edition of Calvary to Pentecost by Dr Peter Roennfeldt has been translated and published in Pakistan. A young believer and skilled translator, based in Pakistan, took this on as a personal project after he was given a copy of the original English edition at an international conference on evangelism.

“As a Pakistani Christian, I can’t tell people that I am translating Christian material to print that might be helpful for other people to know about Christ,” said the translator, highlighting the risks involved with this project.

“However, Calvary to Pentecost is a fact of history: Jesus came into this world to die for our sins and, before His ascension, He promised to send the Holy Spirit, which was fulfilled at the day of Pentecost. This informative book elaborates on all the facts of these days briefly and in such a very good manner that anyone can understand and take advantage of.”

The print run of 1000 copies was completed in early June, with initial distribution to local churches and church leaders. “So well translated into Urdu, Calvary to Pentecost will be a great blessing to many people,” said Pastor Younis Bhatti, an Adventist pastor from Pakistan, now based in the United States. “I highly recommend this book—in whatever language you read it.”

Calvary to Pentecost is available in English from Adventist bookshops in Australia and New Zealand, or online

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