Patients give big tick of approval to San cancer care

Associate Professor Gavin Marx, patient Tanya Manwaring and staff from the Day Infusion Centre at the San’s Integrated Cancer Centre.

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Sydney Adventist Hospital cancer care services have received a big tick of approval from patients, scoring second highest in a state-wide survey of more than 12,000 patients across 51 outpatient cancer clinics.

While its results were not publicly reported by the Bureau of Health Information (BHI), as this is the first year San patients have participated in the survey, the results provided directly to the San by BHI reveal its ranking compared to 48 public and two other private facilities.

San Day Infusion Centre and the Radiation Oncology Centre patients responded to more than 80 questions about the care they received, what they would tell their friends, whether they felt respected, the trust they had in the health professionals and time taken to discuss their health.

The survey results indicate that the San ranks second in the state for the number of questions where patients rated their experiences of care significantly more positively than the overall NSW result.

Director of Sydney Adventist Hospital Cancer Services, Associate Professor Gavin Marx, said the results are a positive indication of the commitment and dedication of staff involved in the delivery of cancer care services at the San.

“This reaffirms the exceptionally dedicated team we have delivering cancer care at the San,” he said. “Their passion and commitment reflects the hospital’s values of achieving excellence, caring for our patients with dignity, showcasing integrity and providing continuity of care.

“Our purpose-built Integrated Cancer Centre with access to the comprehensive range of screening, diagnostic, medical and surgical treatment options, rehabilitation and counselling and support services provides the opportunity for the best patient experience.

“However it is the expertise, compassion, empathy and professionalism of all the staff involved at every stage of a patient’s cancer journey, providing a complete circle of cancer care, that underpins these survey results. We are immensely proud.”

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