Variety showcased in South Pacific shell exhibit

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The challenge of completing the Pathfinder shell honour just became a whole lot easier with the current Sel Belong Wara: Ocean Molluscs exhibit at the South Sea Islands Museum at Cooranbong, NSW.

Running until early August, the collection has some 480 South Pacific region shells, with 166 shell artefacts, six fossil shells and an exhibit of local Lake Macquarie shells.

One of the artefacts that incorporates shells.

“All the information needed to do the honour is available in the South Sea Islands Museum,” said Rose-Lee Power, curator of the Adventist Heritage Centre and South Sea Islands Museum.

Pathfinders need to bring $A2 for the honour sheet, which is available at the site, a pencil and an adult. Clubs are encouraged to book ahead so enough honour sheets are available or so special opening times can be organised.

Pathfinders are not the only ones who will enjoy the exhibit however. Mrs Power said they have already had a few bus tours come through the exhibition.

“Hopefully this exhibit serves to expose a little known yet beautiful family of animals and the artistic ways in which the cultures in Oceania have used their form and beauty,” said Rebecca Hawken, Adventist Heritage Centre assistant, who organised the exhibition.

Many of the shells in the collection had been gifted to missionaries who have donated them to the museum.

“I was amazed while putting this exhibit together how God has crafted such intricate yet understated creatures that seem to serve no purpose except to make you really appreciate the Creator of this world.”

Opening hours are Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday from 2–3.45 pm (or by pre-arranged appointment Tuesday or Thursday mornings).

To book a club visit: please call 02 49802313 (Mon-Thur 1-4pm) or email (Mon-Thur).

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