Kiribati Adventist school making a difference in students’ lives

Kauma Adventist High School has had an increase in enrolments this year.

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With an increased enrolment and five new staff, Kauma Adventist High School has had a positive start to the year.

The Kiribati school commenced 2018 with 250 students, up from 184 at the end of last year.

The employment of a full-time gardener and an agriculture teacher has meant the school garden is now thriving, with plenty of produce for the school kitchen and extra for the community. Mrs Mamarau, the new gardener, is offering classes to villagers on how to establish their own garden.

New school gardener Mrs Mamarau.

The school is also having a big impact on the spiritual lives of the students, with 66 baptised last year. A church plant has been established at Kariatebike village, which is led by the Kauma school chaplain, supported by the staff and students. There are plans to plant two more churches: at Taribo village and Abatiku Island.

During a recent visit to the school, Trans Pacific Union Mission associate education director Mele Vaihola thanked the principal and staff for their commitment despite the many challenges they face, including funding shortfalls and limited educational resources.

“They are able to make a difference in the students’ lives not only for today but for eternity and that is what Adventist education is all about,” she said.

The school’s vegie garden is thriving.
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