New platform to keep track of church contacts

Adventist Media's Brett Donald (pictured) and Daniel Lewis developed the program. (Photo: Theodora Amuimuia)

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A new digital platform launched by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia (AUC) will help to ensure new contacts no longer “fall through the cracks”.

Developed by the AUC with support from Adventist Media, AdHub provides a clear, traceable path for contacts so they will no longer be lost on a piece of paper, a spreadsheet or “somewhere” in the system.

“For the very first time in our Church history we can track follow-up progress with each and every contact anywhere in Australia and ensure no-one ever falls through the cracks again,” said Australian Union Conference Personal Ministries director Pastor Cristian Copaceanu.

“This means no more children and youth asking for Bible studies or baptism and being ‘missed’. This means no more community contacts ‘lost’ in the system. This means the ability to deploy resources where most needed.”

Oversights had been happening with contacts made at summer camps, youth rallies, and lifestyle, prophecy and other public programs.

Through AdHub local churches, schools, conferences, media and evangelistic entities can:

  • Create and manage contacts
  • Track contact event attendance
  • Track follow-up activities and Bible studies
  • Share and/or delegate contacts internally within a local church or externally to another church, school, entity, etc.

So far, about half of all Australian pastors have active AdHub accounts.

“Together with conferences, the focus of the personal ministries departments around Australia is to get every pastor/church on board by the end of this year with AdHub becoming the default and only method for contact management commencing in 2019,” Pastor Copaceanu said.

An AdHub app is also available. (Photo: Theodora Amuimuia)

Adventist Media CEO Kalvin Dever said that for many years connecting media contacts to a local church has been a challenge.

“We have tried lots of different ways,” he said. “It has been fantastic working with Cristian and a team of local church pastors to develop the AdHub software, particularly knowing that at its core it’s about helping to make sure we don’t have people falling through the cracks. Already there are plenty of ideas of how we can extend the software to make our disciple-making even more effective.”

An AdHub app is available through the Google Store and iTunes. More details at:

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