Bible camps explore last day events

Young people study together.

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In a first for the area, New Britain New Ireland Mission, Papua New Guinea, is running Bible camps this year for young people in the provincial regions.

The first meeting was held at the Malakuna church from January 17 to 21 for the East New Britain young people. The remote location and peaceful environment were helpful for encouraging study time. The meetings, based on the book Last Day Events, included reading the chapters, group discussions and a prayer session at the end of each reading.

More than 60 young people attended the first meeting. Many shared that it was their first time hearing about last day events in detail and that they were eager to share the knowledge they had gained with their friends and family members. The next meetings were scheduled for West New Britain and then New Ireland, followed by Adult Bible camps.

“It is our prayer that many young people through these camps will have a greater desire for reading Ellen White’s writings and the Bible in preparation for His soon return,” said Carole Cholai, from the New Britain New Ireland Mission communication department.

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