2000 Pathfinders hold camporee in new work area

37 Pathfinders were baptised at the camporee.

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Pathfinders from around the Solomon Islands attended the “I pass it on” Camporee at Auluta on the island of Malaita from December 31 to January 6.

Some of the 2000 attendees travelled for up to two weeks to get to the remote destination.

Local community members also attended the evening meetings and watched them with interest.

One of the activities involved the Pathfinders taking part in community service, distributing gifts to nearby villages, some walking one or two hours to serve.

According to speaker and Solomon Islands Mission youth director, Pastor Linray Tutuo, the camporee faced some challenges, including financial constraints and land disputes, but God saw everything work out.

“God was given the glory during that week,” Pastor Tutuo reported. “The campsite was a new area where our Adventist presence is in the minority and during the camporee we sowed the seed of God’s love in the villages and communities there. We are praying that God will continue to water it until He comes back to reap the harvest.”

One of the highlights of the week was the baptism of 37 Pathfinders. Pastor Tutuo described it as the “icing on the Pathfinder camporee cake”.

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