New Bible course focuses on Reformation

Pastor Wayne Boehm with one of the share cards.

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The Protestant Reformation is the focus of a new online course delivered through the Hope Channel Bible School at Adventist Media.

Bible School director Pastor Wayne Boehm said it was an opportune time to launch the course, this being the 500th year since the start of the Reformation.

“We wanted to capitalise on the interest in the 500-year anniversary and remind people that we still have a reason to protest,” he said.

The course focuses on the five solas or principles that emerged from the Reformation—the Bible alone, faith alone, Christ alone, grace alone and the glory of God alone.

“These are the pillars that are still dear to us as an Adventist Church,” Pastor Boehm said.

The course also looks at the implications of the five solas for Christians today. It is divided into 15 studies, including pictures, video clips provided by the North England Conference and text created by Melbourne writer Sukeshinie Goonatilleke.

Pastor Boehm said the new course provides an important chronological link between Hope Channel’s “Ancient History” and “Secrets of Prophecy” courses.

“We now have a seamless pathway for people to examine the Bible, history and prophecy,” he explained.

“Through the new course we are encouraging Church members to be reminded themselves of the importance of the great truths that came out of the Reformation and to share these teachings with their family, friends and community contacts.”

There are a number of ways to let people know about the course, including by handing out specially printed share cards. These are available by emailing

For a direct link to the course go to:

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