New vision for Victorian Conference

Pastor Graeme Christian.

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The Adventist Church in Victoria recently held their constituency meeting, setting their vision for the next four years.

Pastor Craig Gillis.

Conference president Pastor Graeme Christian, general secretary Pastor Craig Gillis and chief financial officer Graeme Moffit were all re-elected to their roles, with Pastor Christian saying the team are committed to working with churches toward a thriving disciple making movement.

“There was a wonderful spirit evident in the meeting,” said Pastor Christian. “Reports were positive and we took time to explore what it will mean for the church in Victoria to be a thriving disciple making movement—so while we had time to review what’s been achieved over the last four years, it was also forward looking.” 

The Victorian Conference also made the decision to formally adopt the new South Pacific Division and Australian Union Conference vision of discipleship.

CFO Graeme Moffit.

“Imagine six new churches per year in Victoria,” said Pastor Christian. “Imagine 18 significant Centres of Influence across Melbourne—and more in rural areas—or better yet, imagine every church and every school as a centre influencing people for Christ. Imagine doubling our effectiveness in leading people to Jesus and His church.

“We’re working to be more effective in achieving the job Jesus gave us to do.”

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