AUC launches review of Church structure

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The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia (AUC) has commenced a study into how it can become more effective and efficient in its organisational processes and structures to fulfil its mission, while remaining true to the Church’s global governance model.

Commenting on the reasons for the study, AUC president Pastor Jorge Munoz said, “How can we be sure that the way we currently ‘do church’ maximises our capacity to fulfil Christ’s charge that we create a thriving disciple-making movement?”

The AUC executive committee approved the engagement of professional organisational change management specialist, Anthony Mitchell, who is well qualified and experienced, and is an active church member. He will lead the review process that will address church, school and aged care entities. He is being supported by AUC associate secretary Pastor Ken Vogel and a working team from the AUC executive committee chaired by Lindsay Borgas, a lay member with years of experience in the corporate world. An initial report will be presented to the November meeting of the AUC executive committee.

“It is critical that data is gathered from across Australia about how the Church is currently doing its work,” Pastor Vogel said. “And this is to be done without any agenda as to outcomes, other than to end up with a more efficient and effective missionary movement in Australia.

“Considering the times in which we live and the changes that have occurred over the past decades in communications, travel and technology, there is a lot of scope for change. But change for change’s sake is of no benefit. There is need for a prayerful approach to this review of Church structure so as to be sure the Holy Spirit guides, as He has done through this movement’s history.”

Facilitated workshops with representatives of all key stakeholders will be held in every conference across Australia. “When your congregation or entity receives the invitation to attend one of the workshops, we would encourage you to participate so that we can get as much feedback as possible,” Pastor Vogel said.

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