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Stress less and live more—sounds incredible doesn’t it? But it’s not simply a pipe dream! You can be part of a unique opportunity to transform your life.

Participants are being sought for a free advance screening of a new online wellness initiative known as the Live More Project (LMP)—part of the South Pacific Division’s new Comprehensive Health Strategy.

The 10-week advance screening begins in late September and is open to Adventist Church members from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. It involves watching fun and entertaining weekly videos designed to increase your wellness. Each week you will then be challenged to complete a daily activity arising from what you have learned.

Once you have completed the advance screening you will receive a “badge” that will unlock some simple training so that you can share the information with your family, friends and wider community.

“From 2018 LMP will also be available in Australia and New Zealand to share in a small group at your home or at your local centre of influence, whether that be your church, clinic, hospital, ADRA office or wellness centre,” SPD health strategy consultant Geraldine Przybylko explained.

“LMP will be available on the new Comprehensive Health digital platform that enables you to socially interact, encourage one another to do your best, and track your challenges and wellness score.

“This will be the first initiative on the digital platform that will be a repository of our Adventist health message that will be promoted to the community.”

Dr Darren Morton.

The video series features Dr Darren Morton, senior lecturer in health and physical education at Avondale College of Higher Education. According to Dr Morton, LMP contains “fascinating insights from science, lifestyle medicine and positive psychology”.

“This project has been 15 years in the making and I have presented the material to hundreds of audiences around the world,” he said.

“Over the past couple of years we have been testing it on students at Avondale College. The results are very exciting. On average we see 15-20 per cent improvements in mental health and vitality and about a 30 per cent reduction in depressive symptoms, stress and anxiety.

“We have also trialled LMP in community groups and found that both young and old benefit.”

In 2018, LMP will be launched to leaders from the Church and key institutions, members, employees and the community.

“The aim is for all of us to personally experience LMP and then share it with authenticity, credibility and compassion with the community,” Mrs Przybylko said.

“It is for the Adventist Church to be the head, and not the tail, in the area of lifestyle medicine. This is one of the goals of the Comprehensive Health Strategy. And each leader, member and employee can be part of this wellness movement, no matter where they may be at today.”

* To participate in the free advance screening, apply before July 31 to Limited spaces are available.

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