Review: Following Jesus

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Following Jesus: Disciple-making and Movement Building
Peter Roennfeldt
Signs Publishing 

Following Jesus is what every person influenced by Jesus Christ is challenged to do. For some, it seems to come naturally but, for others, there is a tendency to stagnation, becoming a passive believer. So how can I be a real follower of Jesus?

In Following Jesus, Peter Roennfeldt uses the story of Jesus in the gospels to show the intentional journey that He took His original followers on. There were clear steps in His plan and He was patient as His disciples followed, fell back, got up and moved on again. In Following Jesus, we are invited on the journey into discipleship that Jesus led His first disciples in. That this book is insightful should not surprise us; Jesus is profound. It is also practical, as following Jesus has to happen in real life now. As we read, Jesus’ love and presence will become more real and His desire for us to be all that we can will motivate us.

Peter Roennfeldt has experienced what he writes about as a pastor, evangelist, leader, church planter, trainer, motivator, mentor, public presenter, coach in a wide varieties of cultures and contexts. Above everything else though, he is a follower of Jesus. He has modelled the discipleship process with family, friends and colleagues. Peter’s passion is for believers in Jesus to become fully mature followers who disciple others. Following Jesus will encourage us to follow the methods of Jesus as much as holding to the beliefs of Jesus.

I have personally been blessed as I have been mentored by Peter in the past. More recently, we have talked and prayed together as we have trained others in the principles of following Jesus. I am still learning to follow Jesus more closely and Following Jesus will help me be more of who I want to be—and who He calls me to be.

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