Special offering to build laundry

Dr Lozano has served in the role since February 2017.

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Plans for a new laundry will help to make washing clothes a lot easier for students at Pacific Adventist University (PAU), Papua New Guinea.

Vice-chancellor Dr Raul Lozano said the university has a number of projects to complete but this is a top priority.

“Students do not have a proper laundry where they can wash and dry their clothes like other universities do,” he said.

There are washing facilities in the dorms but these become quite crowded with students having to wait to use the taps and sinks.

PAU will use the special South Pacific Division offering on Sabbath, June 10, to build a new laundry, and to purchase and install washing machines and driers.

The new facilities will help cater for an increasing number of students, with PAU’s accommodation facilities also being stretched. A new module was recently added to the single female students’ dormitory, providing an additional 72 beds. There are plans to add an extra module to the single male students’ dormitory later this year.

“Since 2007 our enrolment has more than doubled,” Dr Lozano said.

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