My ministry: Adelaide University student club

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“Our university club is a great example of the impact that young people in the Church can have on the community,” says Pastor Garry Hodgkin, of Adelaide City Church (SA).

The Adelaide University Student Club began in 2016 as a core group of 10 individuals. In less than a year and-a-half, the club membership has grown to at least 40 regular attendees, the majority of whom are non-Adventist university students. It has since split into two groups that meet on campus every Friday night for Bible studies, food and fellowship. More than half of these people also attend church service on Sabbath mornings and around 10 are currently receiving additional Bible studies from Adventist students.

“We can’t always answer questions perfectly but this forces me to go back and do my own study,” says club president Nikki Sliwa. “Seeing the passion in our students is really inspiring. It’s good to know there are still people seeking and searching in a liberal environment like a secular university.”

“Being part of this club allows you to fall in love with Jesus anew,” adds health professional Danny Ngo. “Watching people commit their lives to Jesus, watching God’s Word come alive for them.”

One of the people Danny refers to is computer science student Davo Wu, who was personally invited by a friend to attend one of the club’s Friday night meetings. Coming from an atheist background, Davo was interested in learning some basic knowledge about the Bible. Nine months later, he was baptised at the club’s most recent youth camp.

“This is like a big family, especially for international students,” he says. “I’ve learned so much—I was looking for something like this.”

As well as the Friday night Bible studies, the club organises weekly badminton games, dinners out and regular social events. At least 1-2 new people attend each week.

“We never have to ask anyone to bring someone new—they just do it,” says Nikki. She believes this type of ministry can be done by any group of committed church members with the same goal and vision for evangelism.

“It is wonderfully exciting to witness the intentional evangelistic focus of this ministry,” says Pastor Hodgkin.

To learn more, check out the club’s Facebook page.

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