In defence of fruit

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Fruit is the original grab and go snack. It’s convenient and good for the environment, there’s no wasteful packaging and in many cases you just need to give your fruit a quick wash and it’s ready to eat. The seasons also give us great variety, so we can look forward to the best of different fruits as the year rolls along, with some trusty staples available all year round.

So next time you’re feeling peckish between meals, remember our top reasons to reach for fruit:

1. It’s a great source of fibre.

Grabbing a piece of fruit for afternoon tea can be a great way to top up your daily fibre intake. With most of us not reaching our daily goal of 25g a day for women and 30g a day for men, aiming to get a shot of fibre every time we eat makes sense. Aim for fruits where you can eat the skin for an extra fibre boost.

2. It’s a sweet treat without the guilt.

We often hear that fruit is high in sugar. While fruit does contain sugar, it’s the package it comes in that makes it special. Whole fruit is high in water and comes with a whole bundle of nutrients and fibre to help slow the release of sugar from the food, making it easier for our body to process. Because of this it’s much more filling and difficult to overeat than treats made with refined sugar.

3. It’s a whole of health whole food.

Studies have shown higher fruit and vegetable intakes to be linked with reduced rates of everything from cardiovascular disease to depression. So use that snack as a way to boost your daily plant food intake.

Next time you’re in the supermarket, take the time to check out all the fruit available. There’s a whole world of tastes, textures and unique nutrition just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed!

How much?

Go for two a day. The average person should be aiming for about two serves of fruit per day. Those who are really active can aim for more, but two serves is the sweet spot for most people.

What’s a serve? A serve of fruit is one medium-sized piece of fruit like an apple or orange, two pieces of small fruit like apricots or kiwi fruit or 1 cup of diced fruit.

What about dried fruit and juice? 30g of dried fruit and ½ cup of no-added sugar fruit juice can count as a serve of fruit, but should only be consumed occasionally. Fruit juice is missing the fibre of whole fruit, while dried fruit is missing the water, making it easier to overeat.

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