The Ten: Cool things you may not have known about Adventist Record

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1. Only two of our team members work full-time on Adventist Record, but it usually takes an average of about seven people to write and design our fortnightly issues.

2. Anyone can write for Adventist Record—we’re always looking for content, no matter your age, profession or gender! We’ve had 18 new feature writers across the seven issues we’ve produced so far this year, not including our own staff members.

3. In January, we adopted four team mascots into the office—goldfish named Ducati, Mr Tumnus, Huckleberry Finn and Ryan Gosling. Unfortunately, they died overnight.*

4. Adventist Record’s longest-serving editor was a female: Anna L Hindson (1907-1922; 1924-1933).

5. We’re placing more of an emphasis this year on being active in the digital space. Adventist Record has a new website, along with 2500 Facebook fans and 11,000 Twitter followers.

6. Adventist Record has been running since 1898, which means next year is our 120th birthday! Gifts in the form of books, sweet treats and Mexican walking fish are accepted!*

7. Don’t know how to write? Our team can provide news writing, social media and communication workshops for your school, church or conference. One of our aims this year is to continue to provide help and mentoring to develop Adventist writers so they can powerfully and effectively share their faith.

8. If you were to tally the number of books our team has read over the course of our lifetimes, it would be well over 10,000. #nerds

9. We love sharing stories and testimonies of how God is working in people’s lives. But one of our favourites stories is where God worked through Adventist Record to inspire a baptism! For the full story, check out our offering video, to be played in local churches on Sabbath, May 6.

10. Without you, Adventist Record wouldn’t exist. It’s true. Your generosity in giving and commitment to reading this magazine is what keeps us going. Thank you.

* Adventist Record is good at many things, but keeping fish alive doesn’t appear to be one of them. Any advice is welcome.

A special offering for Adventist Record will be taken on Sabbath, May 6.

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