My story: Stan and Kedsia Weneguei

Stanislas and Kedsia study with Pastor Danick Adeline.

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Stanislas and Kedsia Weneguei are a young couple who live in New Caledonia, in the northern region of the island. The have two children—their boy Gilem is eight, and their little girl Ginael is two-and-a-half.

Both Stanislas and Kedsia were raised Christian, but Kedsia had not been to church since the age of nine when her parents separated. Stanislas also stopped believing in God at some point, and became a drug addict in his teenage years. He was in a gang that would steal cars for joy rides, then burn them on public roads. He planted and consumed marijuana and took pleasure in fighting people, even his neighbours.

At 20, the couple moved in together, but their home was filled with daily disputes and conflict. After an argument, Stanislas would break things in the house. The couple struggled to sleep and were plagued by nightmares. Stanislas didn’t want to talk about God. Kedsia had a bit of hope but was unsure where and how to begin.

One day, Pastor Danick Adeline from Koumac church had the chance to visit Stanislas and Kedsia’s home with a church member. After that first visit, Pastor Adeline felt God had led him there. After about two weeks, he told the couple about a Bible conference being conducted in the city of Noumea by Pastor Jean-Noel Adeline, his brother and an evangelist for the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference. Stanislas and Kedsia were enthusiastic, attending the entire series and continuing afterwards with Bible studies. Every truth they learned in the Bible they would seek to obey through the power of the Holy Spirit.[pullquote]

By the end of the conference and Bible studies, Stanislas was convinced that there was a God who loved humankind and had a plan for him. During Bible studies, the couple were also convicted to get married after living together for 10 years, and wanted to be baptised. Stanislas confessed all his weaknesses and asked God to guide his family. In addition, he prayed that God would give him the courage to go and ask forgiveness from his neighbours—those he had hurt and committed wrongs against. He testified how much God was touching his heart to forgive others and seek forgiveness. Now, some of his enemies are his friends.

Not only were their personal lives changed but also their work lives. Stanislas shared his new-found faith with his co-workers, and as a result of his witness, one of his colleagues and his wife gave their lives to Jesus and were baptised. Kedsia’s boss, however, was upset that she would not work on Sabbath. But Kedsia preferred to lose her job than to break God’s commandment. In fact, the couple were ready to lose everything for the sake of obeying and loving God. Kedsia now has Sabbath off, and although her pay is much lower than before, she is happy, because she knows that it’s God who provides and blesses.

Kedsia and Stanislas’ home is no longer the same, because Jesus is at the centre. They no longer suffer from nightmares, and have become an inspiration to other church members.

“Please pray for Kedsia and Stanislas, as they are convinced God is calling them into the ministry,” says Pastor Adeline. “They are planning to go to Fulton College, Fiji, in 2018 to study theology if it’s God’s will. They believe prayer is the key for knowing God’s will for them.”

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