Northern NSW church changing lives

The brand new Kunmarpalli Seventh-day Adventist Church, built with the generosity of Tumbulgum church members.

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The Tumbulgum Seventh-day Adventist Church (NSW) recently made a huge impact on a village in India, completely transforming a Seventh-day Adventist church there.

During a mission trip to India in May 2016, a member of the Tumbulgum church received a request for financial help for a church in the village of Kunmarpalli. Located in the state of Kanartaka, the uncompleted Kunmarpalli church was simply a dirt floor with four walls. But after the Tumbulgum church heard about the request, generous donations were made, and the Kunmarpalli church was both completed and dedicated late last year.

The plaque outside the Kunmarpalli Seventh-day Adventist Church.
The plaque outside the Kunmarpalli Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“Thanks to the faithfulness of Tumbulgum church members, [the Kunmarpalli church] now has a beautiful place of worship,” said Tumbulgum Communication Secretary Karen Schofield.

In addition to helping complete the church, donations made by Tumbulgum members helped Indian women who had been widowed or abandoned by providing 12 sewing machines and 12 female goats, giving them the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families. Donations from Tumbulgum members also supported 12 children in their education.

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