Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Tags Waiting

Tag: Waiting

Waiting for God to answer prayers

Have you ever felt tired of waiting for God?

Waiting in expectant hope

Jarrod Stackelroth reflects on the pain of separation—and the longing for reunion—brought about by COVID-19.

Not having the answers

Vania Chew knows that God sees the bigger picture. But it's tough to remember that when a loved one goes to hospital.

The pregnancy diaries—The diagnosis (Part 1)

"It's slightly abnormal" is probably the last thing any expecting mother wants to hear from her obstetrician.

This is your moment

Destiny has arrived. What are you going to do with it?

Keys to the kingdom

Waiting. It is the uncomfortable space between anticipation and enjoyment. I am the type of person who cannot enjoy waiting. I need to be doing something. Even if that something is nothing, then I like to do nothing properly.
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