Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Tag: Volunteers in Action

How to give birth to a church

Judea Seventh-day Adventist Church is a newly-established congregation in Solomon Islands, thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit and the Kwailabesi church community.

Where no-one else will go

How an organisation run by only two people is changing thousands of lives across the South Pacific islands.

Volunteers empowered to continue sharing the gospel

Volunteer missionaries in Madang Manus Mission (Papua New Guinea) welcomed a recent visit by Cliff Morgan and Dr Neil Watts from Volunteers in Action.

Border evangelism

The PNG people are capturing the vision to reach beyond their borders—even though it costs them.

Tragedy leads to children’s church dedication

A young boy's death was a tragedy, but it moved the community into action and has resulted in the dedication of a lamb shelter for Nambi church.

Former president accepts Pacific volunteer role

Dr Neil Watts, former Conference and Union Mission president, has recently accepted a volunteer role as Field Officer for Volunteers in Action (VIA).   VIA...

My story—Parsli

My name is Parsli. I work as a Volunteers In Action (VIA) pioneer missionary on Shortland Island in the far north of Solomon Islands.

Church demolished, Adventists may be exiled

A new Adventist church building in Solomon Islands has been demolished by angry locals and the small congregation ordered to leave their island by the end of the month.

Battle on a mountaintop

Valasi is so much more than a remote Solomon Islands school with a few timber buildings and a couple of straw huts. It’s a beacon of hope in the midst of a spiritual battlefield.

Global mission plant growing

A Global Mission church plant in the Makira Province of Solomon Islands is off to a good start with 22 people baptised at the end of the second year.
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