Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Faith and science

An invitation to an adventure of faith, science, wonder and discovery.

Avondale celebrates 65 years of science education

Alumni reflect on how science intersects, informs and even enhances their faith.

Saved from dinosaur panic

An Adventist perspective on when, how and why dinosaurs became extinct.

28 Fundamentals: True creationism

Why it's so much more than arguing against evolution. (Fundamental Belief #6)

Geoscience Research Institute film now multilingual

The Institute has released Spanish, French and Portuguese versions of its popular Living Waters film, in the hopes it will be a witnessing tool for Christians worldwide.

Clifford Goldstein talks books, faith and science

The Adventist author discusses his most recent book, Baptizing the Devil, and his continuing work with the Sabbath school quarterly.

Homegrown health researcher’s new title

An academic whose prolific publications and competitive grants have given his infection control research national profile is the first to receive a professorship from Avondale College of Higher Education (NSW).

Metal detectors and miracles

Using science to explain miracles is like using a metal detector to find a plastic container buried on a beach. It doesn't work, and nor is it meant to.

Mind and matter: Does it matter?

Which came first, matter or the mind?

Any day, any time

"Jesus is coming soon!" It's a message Adventists have been proclaiming for more than 171 years. So does it still hold true, or has the bubble been burst?
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