Monday, November 29, 2021
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Child sexual abuse

"[The Church is] a very redemptive community who lacks compassion." Pastor Glenn Townend reflects on this confronting thought.

AdSAFE at the forefront of protecting children

AdSAFE, a new service for protecting children and vulnerable adults in the Adventist Church, has been established by the South Pacific Division and will open in early 2017.

New online training tool

Adventist Church leaders and volunteers working with children and vulnerable persons now have an innovative new training tool at their fingertips.

New independent office for child protection

A new independent office for the protection of children and vulnerable persons is being set up by the Australian Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Safe place training coming soon

Safe Place Services will launch online training resources on April 4 aimed at helping church leaders and anyone in local Adventist churches who works with children and vulnerable persons.

Abuse commissioner addresses church leaders

Justice Peter McClellan, who heads up the ongoing Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, has noted the positive changes religious groups are already making to better protect children’s safety.

Not safe enough yet

“Abuse happens in the Adventist Church and amongst Adventist families. The fact that we exist is evidence of that and shows a commitment by the Church to tackle this reality,” says Safe Place Services director David Robertson.


“I encounter stories of paedophiles in the church on a regular basis," writes Church of Christ minister Jimmy Hinto. "It literally is an epidemic. We are fooling ourselves to believe otherwise.”

Picture book helps children say “Stop”

As the titles suggests, a new picture book is helping younger children say, “Stop! I don’t like that!” in response to abuse, bullying, violence and unwanted touching.

Church responds to sex abuse inquiry

The Adventist Church in Victoria has submitted a 65-page document to a state government Inquiry—one of hundreds of submissions from various groups and individuals that detail how churches and other community organisations deal with child sex abuse.
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