Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Kent Kingston makes a case for getting outside and going feral.

Obedience is legalism . . . wait, that’s faith

There's a story in Genesis that turns the modern idea of legalism on its head.

Sabbath on a cruise ship

Cultural and denominational differences aside, followers of Christ are followers of Christ. Pastor Glenn Townend reflects on the power of Jesus to bring people—even strangers—together.

Saving sex

The world says sex sells, but what does the Church say? Too often . . . nothing. Yet the Church has an important message to share, especially in this over-sexed society.

My Story: Doing good by not doing good

Sometimes the best way to help somebody is by not helping them.

28 Fundamentals: Why the Sabbath?

Are we, as Sabbath-keepers, fuelling the idea of "Sabbath bondage"? (Fundamental Belief #20)

The Sabbath excuse

Is Sabbath an opportunity to help and heal, or just to sleep? Sabbath from a fresh perspective.

The Ten: Sabbath activities everyone can enjoy

There is no such thing as a boring Sabbath afternoon.

28 Fundamentals: A church with no walls

Braden Blyde says it's time to begin breaking down the walls of church—the physical and chronological, and even the theoretical ones too. (Fundamental Belief #12)

Blind spots

Pastor Brad Kemp sheds some light on a significant problem in our churches: "people blindness".
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