Friday, October 30, 2020
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Training God’s workers

On July 1, Dr Andrea Luxton took office as president of Andrews University (US), the first Briton and the first woman to do so.

Naming honours honest scholar

Family and colleagues celebrate the academic legacy of Dr Arthur Patrick.

Why study ministry and theology?

There are those who don’t think an Avondale theology degree is worth the paper it's printed on. Others go so far as to say studying theology at Avondale actually inhibits rather than enhances ministry. Are they right?

Lecturer’s PhD reveals keys to church unity

Church unity is not about uniformity but union with Christ and not about knowing but practicing truth as found in Jesus, an Avondale lecturer’s doctorate shows.

The professor is in

Avondale College of Higher Education president Professor Ray Roennfeldt answers the tough questions in this exclusive interview with Adventist Record.

Mission as discipleship

Making disciples is the very core of our mission. Yet how can we know if we are doing it effectively?

Adventist lecturer featured in famous journal

A front-page article on the Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) website has described an Australian Adventist educator as the world’s “most-published authority” on stitches.

How a vegetarianism/sperm project went viral

An eye-catching British newspaper headline reading “Vegetarians Have Much Lower Sperm Counts” has turned a formerly little-noticed Adventist student project into an international sensation.

PAU ready to share the ‘good oil’

Used cooking oil from restaurants, caterers and food providers in Port Moresby is to be recycled into biodiesel under an agreement with the Biofuel Research & Development project at Pacific Adventist University (PAU).

Results of Church’s landmark survey revealed

The results of the most extensive research ever conducted on the attitudes, beliefs, experiences and spiritual practices of Seventh-day Adventists were released last week to delegates at the 2013 General Conference Annual Council.
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