Monday, November 30, 2020
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Why are you a Seventh-day Adventist?

Is it just because you love eating haystacks and having Saturdays off? Or is there something more . . .

28 Fundamentals: The why thousand years

Scott Wegener explores the reasons behind our upcoming 1000-year stopover in heaven. (Fundamental Belief #27)

God’s decisive intervention

With chaos and catastrophe gripping our world, it would be easy to think God is inactive. So, is He? Pastor Glenn Townend discusses.

Finding our identity

Where does your identity lie?

A stone in the shoe

Five practical tips for using apologetics.

The paralysed God: Omnipotent or impotent?

Is God as all-powerful and all-loving as we think?

Hacksaw Ridge: a reflection

When it comes to war, heroism and faithfulness, Hacksaw Ridge leaves us with more questions than answers.

You helped make it a reality!

A new worship and multipurpose centre was recently opened in Suva, Fiji.

Is there hope for hip-hop?

I’ve been listening to poetry lately; powerful poems, written from the heart, asking big questions. Surprisingly, I’ve found these poems embedded in hip-hop songs.

Am I right?

If I have been wrong when I thought I was right and right when I thought I was wrong, are the chances good that what I think now is wrong and what I thought in the past was right? Or am I wrong? Life’s confusing!
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