Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Tag: possessions

The new necessary

Which do we upgrade more often: our standard of living or our standard of giving?

Living the good life

Financial independence. Owning a home. Being well regarded. Travelling the world. Is this what it means to live "the good life"? Jarrod Stackelroth discusses.

Fast-moving pilgrims

"This world is not [our] home; [we're] just a-passing through."

Challenges of a consumer culture

More than 3000 times a day, we are sold the lie that we are a purchase away from happiness.

Money matters

Handling money society's way or God's way?

Less is less (is more)

"What’s so wrong with having stuff, anyway? If it’s so bad, why does everybody have it?"

Plum Pudding’s disastrous decisions

This is the story of Plum Pudding and his disastrous decisions. But it didn’t start out that way. No. When Plum Pudding came to my home, it was all good things and happiness.

What will I say?

At the Second Coming of Christ, the nations will be separated (Matthew 25:32). Will you counted among the sheep, or among the goats?

Do you like . . . stuff?

I have a problem. Well… many but this story relates to one in particular.
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