Monday, September 20, 2021
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‘What if we loved first, with zero expectations?’

Give, forgive and love . . . without an agenda.

George Barna tells Adventist delegates, ‘We are in a crisis’

Well-known statistician unpacks latest research at Budapest conference.

A mother with whiskers

A father is not just a mother with whiskers. In addition to all the parallel responsibilities there is actually a lot more pressure on being a father than being a mother.

The pregnancy diaries—The myth of the glow

People talk about the “pregnancy glow”, but perhaps it's nothing more than a lie to lure women into motherhood.

Pregnancy diaries—Day 3

Would you reveal the good news of your pregnancy or keep it a secret to protect yourself from possible tragedy?

The pregnancy diaries—Day 1

Signs of the Times associate editor Melody Tan is expecting her first child. Yet she's still wondering about the point of having children.

Mum’s the word

Mothers from Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and Papua New Guinea share their joys and challenges of being a mum and raising a family.


“Name it; Claim it!” they say. Not so fast. Vania Chew highlights the dangers and pitfalls of the prosperity gospel.

Family-focused conference challenges

Approximately 105 people from across the South Pacific Division attended this year’s National Christian Family Conference, held at the Clinical Education Centre at Sydney Adventist Hospital from July 20-21.

Centres of influence

It’s often said the best way to measure the effectiveness of a church is to have it removed from the local community. Think seriously about that for a moment—if your church was shut down, displaced or destroyed, would it be missed by the people around it?
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