Monday, October 26, 2020
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Nursing in the time of COVID-19

The story of a nurse on the front line.

Record Rewind: The man with the lamp

Pastor Arthur Lawson was a shining light to many Australians and Papua New Guineans over his 85 years of life.

Dearest folks: A letter for a new generation

A long-ago letter-writer addresses her new audience.

Hearts for mission

Have you heard of "the Kebun"? Well, he was baptised not too long ago at the age of 105. It's a miracle that probably never would have happened without the work of the Thorpes.

Nurses to thank for enrolment gain

The most popular undergraduate course and most postgraduate courses continue to grow as enrolment at Avondale College of Higher Education rebounds from a downturn.

Students model in Solomons value of nursing

A fifth annual visit by Avondale nurses to a hospital on Malaita in the Solomon Islands demonstrates to local students the value of the profession.

Anyone but him, please God!

His every breath was a rasping struggle. He sucked air into a chest that heaved and swelled like an ancient tide on a decimated beach. He was dying. The only spark left was in his sunken grey eyes.

Breathing, blinking mannequins help hone skills

Nursing and medical students at the Sydney Adventist Hospital (San) will be able to practise their skills on state-of-the-art medical mannequins, which simulate breathing, talking and even giving birth.

Nursing still tops despite downturn

The most popular course at Avondale continues to grow despite a decrease in enrolment at the college of higher education.

PAU to establish second campus at Atoifi

The South Pacific Division’s (SPD) Board of Education has accepted a proposal for Atoifi Adventist College of Nursing to become a full campus of Pacific Adventist University (PAU).
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