Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Five marks of successful church plants

Recapturing the Adventist movement of old . . . today.

Discipleship: cutting through the buzz

Adventist Record's Kent Kingston sat down with Dr Leigh Rice, who leads discipleship ministries at the South Pacific Division, to find out what discipleship really means and how you can get involved.

Question Time

Something very interesting happened during "Question Time" at this month's South Pacific Division year-end meetings.

Keys to revival: from Scripture and History (2)

Starting a movement is one thing, sustaining a movement is a whole other story.

Keys to revival: from Scripture and history (1)

In order to stand up and run, you first have to kneel. Revival begins with prayer.

Learning from coconuts

A summary of Pastor Glenn Townend’s keynote address at the South Pacific Division’s advisory meetings, Fulton College, Fiji.

Institute of Worship: down but not out

The Institute of Worship has changed. The worship renewal movement it has inspired over the past 12 years has not.

But what’s the takeaway?

Leaders from across the South Pacific Division gathered yesterday at the new Fulton College Campus located 10 minutes from Nadi Airport in Fiji for a week of advisory meetings.


Here's something to wrap your head around: the greatest leader in history was . . . a carpenter. If there was one person who, by any normal reckoning, should not have been a leader, it was Jesus.

Food for thought

Would you rather presents—land, protection, employment, houses . . . things—or the presence of God?
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