Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Social justice: The practical component of the gospel

"You can have social justice without the gospel, but you can't have the gospel without social justice," writes Michaela Jones.

What to do with the news

The news: always with us, always on, always breaking. Sometimes no news really is good news.

How did we become a postmodern society?

"Anything goes, do your own thing." This is the mantra of the postmodern world. As Christians, will we stand against this culture or be swept along by it?


"At what point do Seventh-day Adventists speak out publicly about political issues?" asks Adventist Record assistant editor Kent Kingston. "Or to put the question another way, at what point do political issues become spiritual and moral issues?"

What I learnt from a Salvation Army chaplain

What could an Adventist learn today from a Salvation Army chaplain from 100 years ago?
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