Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Feeling good: Keys to emotional health

Stress isn't always a bad thing. Distress, however, can impact our health in many negative ways.

Good mood foods: Can you munch your way to happiness?

Your brain works 24/7 and, just like a car, it will perform better with premium fuel.

28 Fundamentals: Selfish mind sickness

No matter who you are, or how self-centred your mind has become, know this: you have been "sozo'ed". (Fundamental Belief #10)

Descending to the heights

It is the lowly who are lifted up.

Growing up: A parable

Hunting for a space that fits in a changing world.


Why being one with Christ requires us to lose our minds.

Marriage Week 2017: Protect your marriage

Marriage is probably the biggest investment you’re ever going to make. Therefore, it needs to be insured.

Alcohol and the festive season

A message to share with your friends and work colleagues.

Mind and matter: Does it matter?

Which came first, matter or the mind?

The spiritual wounds of abuse

More than 10 years of sexual abuse—at the hands of a "good Christian man", no less—is more than enough to distort one's picture of God. “I know God is good," says *Rachel. "I just haven't seen any of it."
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