Sunday, July 12, 2020
Tags Michelle Streatfeild

Tag: Michelle Streatfeild

Students wired for worship

"Wired” is a new program aimed at establishing connections between Wahroonga Adventist School and local church communities.

Wahroonga Adventist School celebrates new state-of-the-art facilities

Children don’t usually look forward to returning to school after the holidays, but the students at Wahroonga Adventist School were all smiles on their first day back for Term 2.

A revolution 110 years in the making

Over time, some things rust. Others remain stable, while a precious few flower and grow. This is Wahroonga Adventist School’s 110th year of existence and, remarkably, it has the highest enrollment in its illustrious history.

Adventist school among nation’s elite

“I didn’t realise just how well our students had performed,” laughs Michelle Streatfeild, principal of Wahroonga Adventist School in Sydney, “until I started getting calls from parents desperate to enrol their kids."
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