Monday, February 17, 2020
Tags Luther Taniveke

Tag: Luther Taniveke

Church in Kiribati grows one per cent

Twenty-eight people were baptised in the lagoons of Tarawa Atoll on Sabbath, July 27.

New classrooms for Adventist school in Kiribati

Students at Kauma Adventist College have gone from having their lessons in a shed to now enjoying bright new classrooms.

Adventists return to Nikunau

The Adventist Church once again has a presence on Nikunau—one of the 16 atolls and coral islands forming the Gilbert Islands group in Kiribati.

Hope Radio goes to air in Kiribati

The South Pacific's newest Adventist Hope radio station has hit the airwaves.

Adventist Church mourns Kiribati ferry tragedy

Pastor Luther Taniveke says the Adventist Church in Kiribati's thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by the ferry disaster.

New presidents for Solomons, Kiribati

The Trans-Pacific Union Mission has appointed new leaders for both its smallest and largest mission regions.

Baptism highlights exciting times in Tuvalu

Forty-four new and former church members were baptised in Tuvalu in May.
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