Monday, September 20, 2021
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Jesus has much to offer

Are we really experiencing the fullness of life that Jesus offers?

Challenging the call to 24/7 ministry

The work–life imbalance of Seventh-day Adventist ministers revealed by academics at Avondale has helped the church in Australia rethink professional development.

Too Busy?

Meet Mr Too Busy. His life is full, but he isn't living a full life.

Celebrations for World Physiotherapy Day

Today is World Physiotherapy Day (September 8) and among those celebrating are breast cancer survivors who attend physiotherapy classes at the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Seed power

A few years ago a 2000-year-old seed germinated and brought forth life. Similarly, a 2000-year-old story still has the power to change lives today.

Does our faith hang on one word?

Were early Adventist biblical scholars unsophisticated, or were they exceptionally deep thinkers and researchers? The answer may hinge on one word (and it's not one you'd think).

Not the end of the story

Aaron had hit rockbottom, and then the bottom gave way again. He was paying for sex, and had given up. Then a Baby came into his life.


When was the last time you stopped? As in, really stopped and reflected on life?

More than a day

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is $65,482. The sad thing is that's not even the worst part of the "big day".

Mind and matter: Does it matter?

Which came first, matter or the mind?
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