Thursday, December 3, 2020
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When a visitor walks into your church, what will they see? What will they hear? How will they feel?

The Ten: Tips for making your church an inviting community

So, you want to attract unchurched people? Here are some ideas to make your church an inviting place for people who normally wouldn't set foot inside.

A critical spirit

Are we a people of peace or a pack of finger-pointers?

Uncertain hope

The Christmas story is a powerful reminder that weakness is the way of God.

Does our faith hang on one word?

Were early Adventist biblical scholars unsophisticated, or were they exceptionally deep thinkers and researchers? The answer may hinge on one word (and it's not one you'd think).

Prayer, prostitutes and the power of love

Inconspicuous places by day: chatty school children amble past; the elderly sit out the front waiting for the bus; couples walk by hand in hand. But behind the doors of these unremarkable exteriors is an industry as much secretive as it is exposed.

Language as a weapon

Today, both major parties in Australia, and much of the media, are misapplying language that defines domestic social constructs in the most devastating manner to the most desperate people on earth.

Language program builds bridges

Adventists in Fiji are attending a six-month course to learn how to speak Hindustani at the Indian High Commission’s cultural centre in Suva.

The language of Jesus

Isn’t it great when you find someone who speaks your language when you’re travelling abroad? It’s then that you realise just how much you take your language for granted, and how deeply ingrained our language is within each of us.

A farewell to arms?

It’s a quick way to grab the attention and stir the heart. Begin by addressing them as “troops” or an army, describe the spiritual battle in lurid and urgent terms, then call them to march and fight, live and die in the cause or name of Jesus.
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