Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Living Kingdom: Highway to Hell

This story is an exploration of the divine inclination towards “social justice”, what social justice should look like in the life of the believer, and how the way that we treat others in this life informs our treatment in the next.

The theology of dirt

Jesus uses mud to heal, to create and to bring new life. Do we need to develop a theology of dirt?

Cultural architects

Is your home a place where you simply live, eat and sleep? Or is it a "kingdom house"?

Last supper

For Jesus, the Last Supper marked the beginning of the end. And yet, it was also the start of something really special.

My favourite description of Jesus

Of all the descriptions of Jesus found in the gospels and beyond, my favorite—out of so many profound, beautiful, and challenging descriptions—is probably one of the least quoted, most skipped over of the Jesus pictures.

Heading in the right direction

For the Seventh-day Adventist Christian, both the journey and the destination are of the greatest importance.

Keys to the kingdom

Waiting. It is the uncomfortable space between anticipation and enjoyment. I am the type of person who cannot enjoy waiting. I need to be doing something. Even if that something is nothing, then I like to do nothing properly.

Eat the word

I was at a meeting for the leadership team at our church. We meet weekly to share the Word.
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