Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Tag: humanity

The value of one life

How we view and value human life has immediate and eternal consequences.

In the image of God

Nathan Brown reflects on a single idea that serves as the foundation for the perpetuation of injustice and inequality in our world.

Saved in every way

Pastor Glenn Townend opens up about his terminal disease.

28 Fundamentals: True creationism

Why it's so much more than arguing against evolution. (Fundamental Belief #6)

28 Fundamentals: Becoming human

David Brown discusses what it really means to be human. (Fundamental Belief #7)

Honesty, humility, humanity

One thing will determine whether Papua New Guinea becomes the Nigeria or Botswana of the Pacific: money management. Freedom and the future really do come at a price.

No strings attached

Are we people or puppets?

Saving the devil

If you’re Tasmanian please excuse me, but I think the Tassie devil is an ill-tempered and unattractive beast.


Jesus begins his ministry by doing two things: teaching and healing. Throughout the gospels these two things come up again and again.
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