Monday, November 29, 2021
Tags Hilliard Christian School

Tag: Hilliard Christian School

School raises awareness about mental health

Hilliard Christian School students and staff participated in various activities for R U OK? Day.

My Ministry: Soup kitchen on wheels

A group of around 55 people currently support the ministry every month by making food and going out into the community.

Christianity in action at Adventist school

Four students from Hilliard Christian School have raised nearly $A1000 for research into motor neurone disease.

Hilliard students racing to help others

Students, parents and staff from Hilliard Christian School (Tasmania) donned their running shoes to raise money for one of the school mums who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Adventist school open for business in 2017

A Seventh-day Adventist School in Tasmania, which last month had its registration knocked back, has now been approved to operate in 2017.

Appeal lodged after school’s re-registration application knocked back

An appeal has been lodged for a Seventh-day Adventist school in Hobart, Tasmania, after its application for re-registration was not renewed.
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