Monday, September 28, 2020
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Tag: heart surgery

Health Matters: Robotic heart surgery

Sydney Adventist Hospital surgeon Dr Levi Bassin discusses how robotic technology is changing traditional open heart surgery to minimally invasive keyhole procedures.

Health Matters: Dylan Wynne

Sydney Adventist Hospital interventional cardiologist Dr Dylan Wynne discusses the new keyhole heart surgery that is saving lives.

New life, new name—back where it all began

A team of Australian medical volunteers, coordinated by Sydney Adventist Hospital, has continued a 30-year legacy by spending two weeks in Tonga providing lifesaving heart surgery, free of charge, to 30 children and adults.

700 lives saved as charity changes name

A team of 48 volunteer medicos, coordinated by the Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH or “the San”), have marked their 22nd annual trip to Fiji by performing heart surgery on their 700th patient.
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